About our services

Our blackmarket company was founded a couple years ago and strives to be the best of the best. Offering you the consumer access to cash from many financial institiutions around the world. We provide these services for a deep discount so we can launder the money ourselves, while helping out the consumer.

It's up to you what you want from us, we offer shipping worldwide, and are based in the United States. We strive to get your package shipped fast, discreetly and efficently to your doorstep with postage from the usps worldwide, ups, and also fedex for United States customers.

Our Debit (Soon To Be Discontinued) And Credit Cards

We Offer Visa And Mastercard

$1,000 Visa Debit or $2,000 signature credit


$1,000 Mastercard debit or $2,000 credit


Consumer Reviews

Unbiased reviews from our consumers Updated Weekly


he's the guru

After many months of looking for a vendor I have finally found you. I have been scammed numerous times, but you pulled through for me, your packaging and discreetness were perfect! Thank you for helping out my financial situation, and helping keep food on my table Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 4/17/2016



I went with the credit clones

Your credit clones senor were on point, the image was visually acceptable for vendors, my name on the card was perfect, and the card lasted a good one week before it was cancelled out. My sons birthday was a blast, and I was able to afford to buy him a xbox one, he was very happy which made me happy, thank you! I will order again soon! 4/11/2016


Learn to card like a pro

I also offer hacking and carding techniques